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Poetry Guild

At this time, The Poetry Guild meetings have been temporarily suspended. Please check back in the future. Meanwhile, enjoy these beautiful poems.

by Elizabeth Bethune

What are those trees saying
as they stand rooted to the ground?
Earth-bound, but forever swaying;
each with its own tree sound.

The quaking aspen gossip;
leaves trembling in the breeze.
Western hills are golden
with their shining, shaking leaves.

Clashing, rasping palm fronds
speak of harsh tropical heat.
The royal palms stand stately
with palmettos at their feet.

Mangroves tell of journeys
as they wade through swampy water,
Dense tangle impenetrable to humans;
a playground for raccoon and otter.

The Patriarch of pine tree,
the ancient bristle-cone,
Tell of prairie schooner passing
toward a frontierman’s western home.

One should stop and listen
to the tale each has to tell.
You will never pass a talking tree
without falling in its spell.

by Elizabeth Bethune

With a shake of a branch
They twinkle and shine
Across the breadth
of the tree.

I looked with wonder
At the awesome beauty
A momentary gift
for me.

The sun was out
The showers past
The diamonds were left

A tree full of jewels
To keep forever
But only in
my mind.